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Toxic Spirituality

wpid-th.jpegSome reflection questions based on Toxic Spiritality of ptr Edmond Chan.

1. Have you lost the zeal, passion, and the joy of serving?
2. Are you caught in the performance trap?
3. Has excellence become an excuse to criticize people’s performance?
4. Has your performance been geared to whether the audience receives it well, do they like it?
5. Are you working instead of worshiping?

Pastor Chan reminds us that we should focus on our relationship with God first. It is in Him that we find our joy. He is our joy and He gives us joy when we rest in Him.  We should remember why we are in the ministry, who called you to be here – i hope your answer in your heart is “God called me here. I answered His call to serve Him in nxtgen.”

We do not perform to please the kids, the parents, or our leaders. We perform to please God. He is our audience, “the audience of 1” as the slogan says.

We serve God out of our love for Him. Let us renew that love by spending time with Him. So that we may serve Him out of the overflow of our heart – an overflow of worship, adoration, and love for our God, the lover of our soul.

God bless you all.

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