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Pornography and masturbation.

God is the author of sex. He made it and it is good. He made it good in the context of marriage. But Satan has been distorting it even from the ancient times like Sodom and Gomorrah, in the book of Romans and the other epistles by Paul.

What is bad about pornography and masturbation:
1. IT IS A LIE. We are exchanging the truth and purity of sex with our wives to artificial ones. The pretention of the actors and actresses, the days that they put on in filming, the deception that everything is happening all in one session distorts our expectation of sex and makes us frustrated if we don’t experience the same thing and if our wives do not commit to do the acts that we have seen.

2. IT IS ADDICTING. We might think that nothing is bad about it but sooner or later you cannot seem to pull out of it anymore. What you think you are in control of is now in control of you. You can’t stop thinking of it, you desire to do it again. So you become in bondage to it without you knowing it.

3. IT DEGRADES YOUR VIEW OF WOMEN. it changes your respect for women. You look at the women around you with impure thoughts and disrespect treating them like sex objects specially those women that are wearing seductive clothings.

4. IT LEADS TO ADULTERY. As you look at women around you, you start to look for those women that flirts around. And as the Triangle of Temptation comes – the right time, the right place, and the right woman comes. BAM! You fall into sin. It doesn’t take place all at one time but it is a slow fade, a low slide just like in biology class when slowly boiling a frog to it’s death. It doesn’t know the water is heating up until it’s too late.

1. REPENT. Ask God for forgiveness and turn away from it.
2. ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP. Find brothers in the Lord that will help you fight against temptation. It is like texting and calling them when you are encountering temptation and asking them to pray for you.
3. RENEW YOUR MIND WITH GOD’S TRUTH. There are so many passages in scriptures to help you overcome – as we remember “wrong thinking leads to wrong action.” We are no longer slave to it. We are dead to it. God has given us victory over sin. God has empowered us through His Holy Spirit.

4. WALK IN THE SPIRIT. The Bible tells us that we should walk in the Spirit. The desires of the Spirit is contrary to that of the sinful nature. When we walk with the Spirit, we think of things that are pure and holy. We desire to read God’s word and spend time with Him rather than engage in the internet.

5. PROTECTING THE YOUNG. Pornography now is so rampant and easily accessible. It pops out of search engine image results even when you’re just researching with the kids and not looking for it. It is really not safe for kids to access the internet without our supervision. It might also help to get censoring or blocking softwares that are available.

6. PRAY AND SPEND TIME WITH GOD. Have your quiet time, spend time with Him who is our satisfaction. Let Him fill us and satisfy our desires. Allow Him to take control of us that we might take our minds off these things and focus on doing things for Him. Let’s continue to be in prayer as the it is a spiritual warfare. Let us pry for the purity of ourselves and our children.

In closing, let us remember that God forgives our sins through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His Resurrection. He purifies us from all unrighteousness. He empowers us by His Holy Spirit to be holy as He is holy. God bless you all.

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