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Bag of Cookies

In one of my business trips to Tacloban, a friend gave me a bag of cookies. On my way to Ormoc, i had to ride a hired van for 4hours because of the broken bridges left by the devastating typhoon. 2 hours on the way, i felt God prompting me to share the bag of cookies, someone might be hungry. I hesitated. But the prompting just kept on coming – i gave that to you so you can be a blessing to others. Blessed to bless, as our series of Sunday messages goes. Then, as i was going to read my Bible, it told of Jesus feeding the 4 thousand. So with reluctance, i opened the bag of cookies and ate two. I gathered my courage, looked back and offered it to the 9 strangers behind me. I offered it with a smile, with eye contact to each one, encouraging them to have some.

How i wished everything went well, we were all happy eating the cookies but it didn’t happen. They nodded, they smiled, they didn’t get any. It was embarrassing.

What’s the lesson?
1. Don’t accept cookies from a stranger. It might be poisonous. 🙂 Though i ate first before i offered.

2. People were embarrassed to get because we didn’t have any RELATIONSHIP. They don’t know me, i don’t know them.

There were a lot of maybes that came to my mind – Maybe it was just for formality, i was offering to them. Maybe they didn’t have water afterwards, it did made me thirsty after i ate it. And maybe they just might not be hungry. But relationship changes it all, there will be more openness, honesty, communication, and transparency when you know them.

3. Obedience to God doesn’t always go as we envisioned it. Prophet Jeremiah obeyed God to preach His word but nobody repented. When we preach God’s good news about salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection, forgiveness of sin, that He is the Son of God, not everyone will accept our words well. When we give advice even with good intentions, not everyone will receive it gladly. Despite of all my uncomfortable feelings, there was peace – Knowing that I obeyed God’s command and went out of my comfort zone. God is pleased when we obey Him no matter what the result is.

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