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A Night in CCF Museum

In the center of Pasig city is situated the CCF Museum. It is a 7-story high, all-glass building, spanning an area of 1 hectare. Many schools go and have a wonderful fun-filled learning field trip there. One day, Daniel and his friends and family went there as well. Everyone was so excited to see and interact with all the gigantic dinosaur statues.

Closing time came and all the people inside were in a hurry to go home. In the midst of the commotion, his parents assumed that Daniel was riding with his friends. So they drove off with his other younger siblings. Daniel was left behind because he was so engrossed with the real life statues of the dinosaurs. As the clock strike midnight, all the dinosaurs came to life! He scrambled to the auditorium. Suddenly, a horde of triceratops crashed into the entrance. BOOM!!! He called 911 and after 5 minutes, the local police entered the scene with small firearms. They shot, but the bullets just ricochet. This made the dinosaurs furious, it tossed them, crushed them, and eventually, devoured some of them.

Some who escaped desperately called for backup, the S.W.A.T. team. After a while, the S.W.A.T. Team, armed with hi-tech weapons and full body armor, came smashing through the glass windows and rapidly tried to contain the situation. Tanks rammed in the ground floor and blasting on the thick armored triceratops.

In a corner, Daniel was watching the fight astonished! Beside him was an Egyptian casket with a glowing tablet. Because he was knowledgeable with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which his dad made him study diligently, he was able to decode it and the dinosaurs became statues again. The police and the SWAT team were all so exhausted of all the fighting. They looked and saw Daniel, holding the glowing tablet. They hurriedly went to him, pointing their guns at him, thinking that he was the mastermind to all these mysterious chaos.

However, after investigating and getting his statement, he was honored as a hero by the mayor and was given a medal of bravery and excellence in ancient language.

Lesson: study your lesson diligently, it will be useful to you someday.

Story by my son, Daniel, from a dream that he had a few years back; Edited and rewritten by Me.

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