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Marital Problem 3

3. How can i restore the romantic love that we had before during our courting stage?

A. By Being patient with her. I easily get irritated and annoyed with her and our family members whereas i was patient with her when she was my girlfriend.

B. By Respecting her with my actions and my words. I should complement her often with specific appreciation and gratitude. I should avoid belittling her with unkind and negative words, specially making fun of her. I should only say words that build up and encourage people. 

Marital Problem 2

2. How can i love my wife if there is so much pain.

Prayer: Lord it is so difficult to love our wives specially when we’re hurt and when we feel empty. You invite us Lord Jesus when you said in Matthew, “come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.” Satisfy us oh Lord with your unquenchable river of love. Let your love overflow and fill our hearts that we may be able to love our wives. Help us oh Lord to have that sweet romantic love of our relationship back again just as the time we were courting and in our girl friend stage.

Marital Problem 1

Some marital problems that we face:
1. Unsatisfied sexual desires.

My wife doesn’t satisfy my sexual longing as often as i like. It’s so difficult to ask it from her, she often says no. She doesn’t prioritize me. It’s better for me to find it elsewhere, have an affair.

If you observe carefully, even after she satisfies your sexual longings – do you still look at other women with lust? Sexy legs, body, beautiful and young women. The problem is not with your wife. The problem is with our hearts. Just as Jesus stated in Matthew, out of the heart comes sexual immorality, adultery, etc.

Prayer- forgive us Lord, for our sin of adultery. We commit to you our hearts and our desires. Cleanse it, purify it, make it pleasing to you. Help us to know how we can love our wives more and find our satisfaction in you. Renew our minds, and set us free from the lies of Satan. Help us not to be controlled by our lustful flesh. Thank you for your forgiveness that is made possible through Jesus Christ our Lord, and your Holy Spirit that enables us.

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