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“We like Jesus but we are not like Jesus. Christianity is about our being and not our doing. God is more interested in our character than our competence.”

Reading about this statement and the explanation of Edmund Chan, I reflect upon my life and can honestly say “My goodness. What has happened to me?” I’m living the Christian life with all its disciplines and yet my character has a major flaw. Why is my life so far from the image of Jesus? – My behavior,  my reactions,  my compulsions, and my decisions. How am I failing in my parenting and in being a husband? Why am I being lured to the sinful pleasures of the world? Praise God for His messages week after week of how He wants us to break free from sin, of the forgiveness and mercy that He extends to us, and warning us to stay away and not play with temptations.

Oh Lord.  Forgive my sins and my actions – the way I act and the way I react. We fight among ourselves even in doing your work and ministry. Forgive us of our pride, our selfishness, our stubbornness, our non-submission to authority, our judgemental attitude, and our lack of love. Help us that as we spend time with you,  it would not be an empty ritual but may we experience your glorious presence and be changed as we gaze on You.  Lord, we pray that you would unite our hearts, to be holy, and to be more and more like you. In Jesus name,  Amen.

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