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1 City, 1 Nation

I was reading through the book of Psalms and I saw the prayer of distress of the author – they are left deserted, humiliated, ridiculed, and scorned. The oppressors have taken over their cities, conquered their nation, and destroyed their precious temple, where God is enthroned. They were waiting for God’s salvation to come. Has God forsaken them? Is God sleeping?

All the grievous and terrible things that happened to them was as God declared through His prophets – Sin will be punished. Wickedness will reap its wages and that is destruction and death. God is just, He cannot leave the guilty unpunished.

In the midst of all these horrific circumstances are the righteous, God-fearing people, who has their faith in God. It seems that God is distant, that God has abandoned them. He would not hear their prayers or hear their cries. The righteous suffered with the wicked for it is 1 city. It is 1 nation.

When evil prevails, the righteous can not stand and do nothing. The righteous can not keep silent because it is 1 city and 1 nation. The righteous has to act NOW!  We can not let evil and wickedness prevail. We can not let corruption and injustice be the way of life. We have to rise up and make a difference!

UNITE GODLY PEOPLE! Forge your bond and strength. Stand as 1 people for our city, for our nation. We will change our families, our communities, our nation for God’s glory. Let His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let justice reign, help the poor and needy, reach out to the orphans and the fatherless. If we do not act then we will reap the wrath of God in our cities, just as Israel was destroyed because of the wicked and idolatrous people. We will suffer if we are passive and indifferent within the communities we live in. Fight the corrupt system of governance. Expose it and let reforms be made in each branch of government. We can not just accept it and say “That is how it is.” Those system must STOP and it can when we STEP-UP.

God is our King, He is our fortress and strong tower. We will not be shaken, we will not be moved because God is our strong foundation. He is with us. We will bring heaven to earth when we live our lives according to His principles. Sacrifices has to be made. Do not wait until it is too late. The time to act is NOW! Make the difference! 1 City, 1 Nation. God bless you all.

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