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Riding First Class


I changed my boat ticket to an earlier time, 2pm. I got the last seat available, 54a. My originally booked ticket is a tourist class or in the aircon section. Now the slot i got was at the open air section. I’m grateful i was able to get it compared to waiting for a later trip. When we boarded, there was no 54a for the last number was 53. (This is due to different boat types they use so each has different configurations and seat arrangement from the other.)

As we left, i tried going in the tourist class and even asked if an upgrade was available for business class but they would not allow it. As i was inside the tourist class section, i noticed it was hot as oven (exaggerated), the air conditioning was surely not enough. People were complaining with the heat and they were fanning themselves.

After staying inside for awhile, i got back to my original postition by the rail, positioned my box of return and sat on it. Initially, i didn’t want to bring this box of return from a customer because it weighed 6kgs. But it turned out to be a blessing from God, or else I would be sitting in an uncomfortable place – few vacant chairs in front near the wall had no wind whatsoever. In the end, my place was perfect – cool wind and nice view. That’s what i call riding first class. Literally, that “chair” is worth 10k of stocks. 🙂

As apostle Paul puts it – be content in whatever circumstance you are in, whether in plenty or in want, ( in nice place or not so…) And all things work together for good for those who love God.  Don’t grumble, be thankful.

God bless everyone.

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