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A worthwhile exchange

A Worthwhile Exchange – excerpt from Growing Deep in faith,  chapter 8 by Edmund Chan

Live your life! Live it well. Not by indulgence but by investment.

Jim Elliot and four young missionaries went to Ecuador on  a passionate mission to evangelise the Auca Indian  tribe. These  young missionaries  were killed by the  very cannibals they were trying to reach.

Was it worth it? Jim Elliot thought so. In his journal,  he wrote these  famous last words: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. ”

Jim’s widow,  Elisabeth,  continued her husband’s work along with Marj Saint, the widow of Nate Saint.  Through their sacrificial labour of love for the very tribe that had killed their husbands, they reached many Aucas for Christ.

They believed it was a worthwhile exchange. Do you?

We all exchange our lives for something. Some exchange it for career,  sacrificing spiritual growth and the family for career advancement. It is not wrong to be a faithful and excellent worker.  But when we honestly examine our hearts, we may find that our primary motivation is deceptively different.

Not all exchanges are worthwhile if they are seen in the light of eternity.

Adam and Eve traded eternal paradise for the knowledge of good and evil. Esau exchanged his birthright for a bowl of red stew.  And the list goes on…

What if  you already traded your life for the wrong things?

If it is something that the Bible says is sin, you need to repent. God is gracious and willing to forgive.

If the exchange is not sinful,  but a poor exchange, ask for God’s guidance.

Grow deep in faith.  Exchange your life for something worthwhile  and eternal rather than temporal.

There are only three things that last for eternity: God, the Word of God, and the souls of men.

Now these things are worth exchanging our lives for.

Ultimately, they are all bound up in Christ. For in Christ, we discover life’s most worthwhile exchange.  Living for the eternal in Him.

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