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Good Mourning

In a business trip in Iloilo, i had a customer whose son died of a gun accident 2 months ago (Suicide is not sure because the magazine of the gun was not there so there was only a bullet in the chamber that caused his death.) There was an eery feeling, I didn’t want to visit their store because of this.  Going around the city, looking at the time, there was nothing left to do but to go and pay them a visit. Reluctantly, i went.

Smiling, I went in the store greeted the siblings who were busy selling and preparing things, went to the cash register at the end of the room where aunt (we call clients uncle and aunt) was sitting. The store was busy even at around 4pm. I sat there on a high chair to let the busyness subside a little so we can talk. A little exchange of conversations transpired, they brought me soda to drink as usual. There was a feeling of sadness, sorrow, and pain in the room. Aunt was counting money for deposit to the bank, as she was almost finish counting, her tears started to fall and she started to sob. I didn’t know what to say but just to sit there and let her grieve and let it out. In the midst of this, phones were still ringing, inquiries and business still going about. One of her daughter came near to give her a pat on the shoulder.

When she settled down, I offered to pray for her. I don’t know what to say but i started praying in chinese then in english because i don’t know the other translation of the words and how to say it in chinese. Anyway, I prayed for God’s comfort, peace, healing to be with her, for His presence to fill and satisfy her sorrow and pain. I assured her that God was near and knows about all that she is going through. I prayed for God’s love to overflow her.

When my prayer ended, she started to pray in straight chinese: lifting up her son to him, the problem and bottled emotions that went on in his heart – the secrecy, the question about evil in the world, the oppression of the weak. She prayed for the family that was left, how they should cherish one another and spend time with each other while they still can. She was in deep anguish as she prayed through. I held her hand as she prayed… I continued to ask God’s Holy Spirit to come and fill her, draw near to her, let His healing flow. “We surrender all these sorrow and pain onto Jesus’ feet. May your comfort and peace come.” I prayed for protection with her mind from the lies of the enemies and negative thought that would come and may God’s love fill her once more. Then we ended, she thanked me for praying with her. After a few more minutes of chat, I said my goodbye and left.

Romans 12:15 “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

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