To honor God in my writings

My wife worked at a big company, enjoyed a significantly high paying job. But because of her promise to God, she gave it up and opted to stay with our then 2year old son. We were afraid of the lifestyle change that will be coming with it. However, last 2008, she obeyed the call. We have seen God’s faithfulness and provisions for 10years now – The blessing of obedience.

I like to share how my Home-Maker wife help me in the finances even without an income.

I am blessed with a wife who is excellent in handling our finances. True to her Ilocana lineage, she is very thrifty, even to the smallest detail. No Peso ever goes to waste.

We use credit card with Cash Rebate, every month she monitored it to the last centavo, allowing us to earn rebates of up to 12k a year.

She doesn’t keep on buying anything she wants. She thinks about them thoroughly. No impulse buying like me. I’m learning from her but still fail at times 🙂

Her simplicity in fashion saves me a lot of money. I think it is because she has found her significance and value in God rather than in external brand of clothing and accessories. I’m not saying that this its wrong. The Bible encourages us in 1 Peter 3:3-4 “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” Lessening our expensive purchases will significantly help in our family budget.

2. Buy STOCKS (literally)
She is always in a lookout for SALE. She invest our money in stocks, not the stock market but real stocks like detergents, diapers, which the baby needs a lot. So during the Lazada sale, she bought several boxes since we save more than 50% and it’s even cheaper than the groceries. Our money’s spending power grew by 50% or more.

3. BUDGET travel
A benefit of Homeschooling is, traveling during non-peak season. She look for budget airfare and cheap but nice and accessible accommodation (c/o Airbnb). There were times that she also uses credit card points and air miles that we have accumulated to get plane tickets. Therefore we are able to travel many days at more than half the cost of luxurious travel. The most important of all is it includes the whole family.

I’m really proud of her, an example of a Proverbs 31 woman. I thank God for giving me such a wife whom I do not deserve. I hope that her simple example of being a good steward can help inspire other families as well. As the saying goes – Behind a successful man, is a WOMAN.


Comments on: "How my Homemaker Wife Helps with our Finances even without an Income" (4)

  1. These strategies sound good. But I wonder how much time and mental bandwidth your wife spends in order to save money. If, say, she spends one hour a day strategizing, scheming, pennypinching in order to save 5000 a month, I know a few people who work from home earning 40,000 working 1 hour a day too, using God-given time and talent to accomplish it. I am not saying yoir strategy is bad. It’s just that it makes us forget that money is not our best resource, it’s just secondary. More important is our time and how we use our talent.

    • Not so much time, as we’re more busy Homeschooling the kids and busy with activities 🙂 she just logs and monitors the expenses and income using Microsoft Money amd Excel for the credit card.

    • Praise God for opportunities like that.

    • I suddenly woke up and remembered your comment and this came to mind. Praise God for income opportunities that comes to stay at home moms, our families need that, especially if the bread winner is gone, if I am gone. However, an income, no matter how big, can easily be spent if we don’t have a proper mindset of saving and budgeting. A 40grand can easily be spent on a bag, 2M on a car, 40M on a house. So no matter how small the income is, the husband and wife team must learn how to be good steward of it. We have been married for 15years, and I’m still learning.

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