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As i was untangling the rope that i had so i could use it to tie my box, it is easy to become impatient and just keep on pulling any part of the string that causes the rope’s tangle to get tighter and more difficult to remove. An easy way to solve it is to cut it but it wouldn’t be useful anymore. So it is with the relationships in our lives. The choices we make causes our lives to get entangled. The more wrong choices we make, the messier it becomes and our status becomes “complicated”.

Conflicts in relationships are inevitable. We will surely encounter them in our lives – with our families, officemates, friends, even strangers. Sometimes we want to follow our own ways, in our own time, we just say what we feel and do things that are hurtful to others. It is like cutting the rope.

Dealing with relationships and conflicts really needs a lot of patience, strategy, and time. It requires analysing the problem, thinking of ways to solve it.  We need to talk about it, gather insights and advice from godly people with wisdom, getting a fresh perspective of the situation, and even taking a break or a vacation. It is easy for us to talk to anyone and aggravate the situation all the more. When we want people to take our side and hear what we want to hear. This cause the rope to tangle all the more. So seeking advice from godly people with wisdom are very crucial in solving our problems. They can give new perspective and solutions that we cannot think of ourselves.

We cannot control other people but we can control our own actions and reactions. One of the essentials that we often neglect is prayer. We need to pray to God and lift things up to Him – ask Him for wisdom and guidance on what actions to take. He alone can change people’s heart. It doesn’t happen overnight, it really takes time – weeks and even years. That is why we need to be patient. Often times, we want to give up on ourselves and others saying “Walang pagasa yan.” or “It is hopeless.” But we must remember that with God nothing is impossible. We must keep on praying and hope for the best.

Another key element in resolving conflict is communication and open dialogue. I’m used to being an authoritarian dad and what i say stand. But it cannot work that way especially when kids grow older and enter teenage years. Even now, i can’t force my son to do things that he doesn’t want to do. I cannot use my anger and shouting to make him comply. It may work and get the job done but it wouldn’t have a good effect on him. This thing I’m still praying and working on improving. Open dialogue and communication allow us to have different opinions and views on things as long as it is not bad and wrong. All of us have different views and principles that we follow so we have to respect one another. Some principles are better than others but we cannot force it on other people. They have to accept and embrace it in their own time. We have to be gentle in bringing our point across. Hurtful words and actions will build up walls rather than sort things out. In God’s time, with a lot of work, communication, and prayer, things will get better.

Voila! My rope is untangled. 🙂 God bless.


Riding First Class


I changed my boat ticket to an earlier time, 2pm. I got the last seat available, 54a. My originally booked ticket is a tourist class or in the aircon section. Now the slot i got was at the open air section. I’m grateful i was able to get it compared to waiting for a later trip. When we boarded, there was no 54a for the last number was 53. (This is due to different boat types they use so each has different configurations and seat arrangement from the other.)

As we left, i tried going in the tourist class and even asked if an upgrade was available for business class but they would not allow it. As i was inside the tourist class section, i noticed it was hot as oven (exaggerated), the air conditioning was surely not enough. People were complaining with the heat and they were fanning themselves.

After staying inside for awhile, i got back to my original postition by the rail, positioned my box of return and sat on it. Initially, i didn’t want to bring this box of return from a customer because it weighed 6kgs. But it turned out to be a blessing from God, or else I would be sitting in an uncomfortable place – few vacant chairs in front near the wall had no wind whatsoever. In the end, my place was perfect – cool wind and nice view. That’s what i call riding first class. Literally, that “chair” is worth 10k of stocks. 🙂

As apostle Paul puts it – be content in whatever circumstance you are in, whether in plenty or in want, ( in nice place or not so…) And all things work together for good for those who love God.  Don’t grumble, be thankful.

God bless everyone.

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