To honor God in my writings

“The Christian Life is not difficult, it is impossible.” A statement i often hear from Pastor Peter Tan-Chi. And from the recent leadership conference speaker Pastor Edmund Chan saying “I CAN’T!” We cannot live the Christian life, especially not on our own strength. That is why we need the promised Holy Spirit. We are sealed by the Spirit when we put our faith in Jesus but it is another thing to be filled by the Holy Spirit day by day, moment by moment.

Paul commands us in Galatians 5:16 to walk in the Spirit so that we will not satisfy our sinful desires. A quick prayer of asking God to fill us moment by moment may help and is necessary in the situations of our lives. However, it may not be sufficient in itself. It goes hand in hand with a constant Quiet Time, one of the spiritual disciplines.

Being godly and spiritual cannot be established or attained by a busy, fast-paced, hectic life – running here and there, full of activities and programs, meetings, stress, and overtimes. We need to set aside time everyday to spend time with God, reading His words, praying, listening, worshipping, meditating on Him. This allows us to experience His presence and puts us in a place where He can fill us, mold us, and transform us from the inside out. This changes our perspective, our values, our priorities, and our behavior as stated by Ptr. Peter in his recent message.

Without reading God’s word, how can you know if a voice that you hear is of God or not, if an angel that appears to you is of the light or of the darkness. We believe in a speaking God but it comes to a lot of abuses these days. You can hear people claiming “God told them…” But it contradicts the Bible. Pastor Edmund shared a secret in listening to God in 3 words – “HE HAS SPOKEN!” The Bible is essential. Read it again and again, year after year. You’ll never hear a mature Christian saying i stopped reading the Bible because i already know it even in their later years in life. So knowing God’s will and hearing God’s voice starts here.

You can see my previous blog for more on Intimacy with God.


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