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An Appeal to Wives

“Who are the best – boys or girls / men or women?” This was a question being debated during my elementary and high school days. Ever since i have been pro-women. I do believe they are better, smarter, hard-workers than men.  My expectations are indeed proven right by what we see in our societies today – women police, athletes, workers, pilots, counsellors, senators, even president of companies and countries.

With that, i like to express my heart felt “Congratulations!” to all you women who have done a great job, especially to homeschooling moms. You have exhibited excellence at the workplace, in the communities, and also at home. You are able to fulfill the Proverbs 31 characteristics. I know it has not been an easy journey. There are a lot of sacrifices along the way.

My appeal and gentle reminder is that let us not forget our role as a wife to our husband. This is one of the task that we can not delegate to others, so is our walk with God. In the busyness of all the responsibilities you handle, I humbly remind for you to remember to minister to your husband, his needs – emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In the US, there are many divorces and some of their reason is because of homeschooling, mom’s just too busy with the kids. I know you are emotional beings and sometimes it is just so difficult to do with all the problems in the relationship. In behalf of the husbands, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness – for the times of abuses, of harshness with words, of neglect and indifference, of being demanding, and even of unfaithfulness. I do pray that you would release forgiveness for our short comings. Together, we lift them up to God. May He be the one to transform both our hearts so that we can have a “whole” family, one that is founded in love and care to both spouses and children. May our lives bring glory and honor to God. God bless you all.

Bag of Cookies

In one of my business trips to Tacloban, a friend gave me a bag of cookies. On my way to Ormoc, i had to ride a hired van for 4hours because of the broken bridges left by the devastating typhoon. 2 hours on the way, i felt God prompting me to share the bag of cookies, someone might be hungry. I hesitated. But the prompting just kept on coming – i gave that to you so you can be a blessing to others. Blessed to bless, as our series of Sunday messages goes. Then, as i was going to read my Bible, it told of Jesus feeding the 4 thousand. So with reluctance, i opened the bag of cookies and ate two. I gathered my courage, looked back and offered it to the 9 strangers behind me. I offered it with a smile, with eye contact to each one, encouraging them to have some.

How i wished everything went well, we were all happy eating the cookies but it didn’t happen. They nodded, they smiled, they didn’t get any. It was embarrassing.

What’s the lesson?
1. Don’t accept cookies from a stranger. It might be poisonous. 🙂 Though i ate first before i offered.

2. People were embarrassed to get because we didn’t have any RELATIONSHIP. They don’t know me, i don’t know them.

There were a lot of maybes that came to my mind – Maybe it was just for formality, i was offering to them. Maybe they didn’t have water afterwards, it did made me thirsty after i ate it. And maybe they just might not be hungry. But relationship changes it all, there will be more openness, honesty, communication, and transparency when you know them.

3. Obedience to God doesn’t always go as we envisioned it. Prophet Jeremiah obeyed God to preach His word but nobody repented. When we preach God’s good news about salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection, forgiveness of sin, that He is the Son of God, not everyone will accept our words well. When we give advice even with good intentions, not everyone will receive it gladly. Despite of all my uncomfortable feelings, there was peace – Knowing that I obeyed God’s command and went out of my comfort zone. God is pleased when we obey Him no matter what the result is.

Prayer of Adoration

Lord my God, you are great and almighty. You are creator of heaven and earth. You are high and lifted up. The heavens, even the highest heavens cannot contain you. You have made your glory known to us by your wonderful creation. Your wisdom displayed in the intrinsic details of the nature around us.

Yet in your splendor, greatness, and majesty, you would take notice of us. You love us so much that you went to the extent of sending your Son, Jesus, to die for us, to pay for our sins and our wickedness. You offered redemption, salvation, restoration, and even adoption to your royal family.

What can i say but thank you Lord. What can i do but surrender my life to you, pledge my allegiance to you. You have brought me out of darkness and into your marvelous light. You have freed me from the bondage of sin. No longer am i in its power and grip.

Forgive me Lord, when i go back into my sins – giving in to its desires, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes. If you treat us with the way our sins deserved then who would be able to stand? Thank you Lord for your mercy and your grace, your kindness and your unfailing love. I am never worthy to be loved by you. I can never achieve your righteousness on my own accord and strength. It is only by your grace that i stand before you today, entering your throne room, in the beauty of your presence, basking in your glory.

Purify my heart, cleanse me Lord, i pray. Remove from me all that is hindering me from you, all the sins that entangles and weighs me down. I love you Lord, my God. You are my portion, my inheritance, my reward. Indeed, there is no one like you. You are the only true and living God and there is no other. All honor and praise be to you, my Savior and my God.

Prayer for Dads

Our heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us the gift of relationships – our wives and our children, our family. We thank you for all the blessings that you have showered us all these years – materially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you for your grace.

You are LOVE. You are the source of it. Father forgive us when we look for it else where, when we find satisfaction in other things rather than in You. Forgive us when we are empty and hurt and we cannot love our wives and our children anymore. May we turn away from our sins and aimless wandering, and draw near to you. Thank you Lord for your mercy and forgiveness. Fill us Lord with your love that we may be healed, that we may be able to love again – to love our wives and our children. Renew us, change our hearts of stone to hearts of flesh – tender and moldable to your will. Help us Lord to walk with you day by day and to enjoy your presence. Thank you that we are able to do this because of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Father, raise us up to be holy spiritual leaders of our families. Help us not waste our times in games and internet socialization. Shake us out of our comfort zones and “lazy boys”. Remove us out of the sinful traps that we are in. So that we can be used by you to lead our families and to bless others as well. Help us Lord to mentor our children in your Word, and be active in raising them up, not leaving this responsibility to our wives, our school, or our church.

You are my God Almighty, my provider. Help us to fulfill our God-given role as the provider of our family, the bread-winner. We know Lord that you are in control and your love and faithfulness follows those who follow you. Your hand of blessing will go before us to bless our plans and our paths. Teach us to obey your leading and follow your open doors of opportunities. Thank you God because you hear our prayers. May you be glorified in our lives.

In Jesus name, amen.

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