To honor God in my writings

God’s Sovereignty

God is sovereign. He is in control of every nations. He orchestrates all the world events to go according to His plan. He uses people to do his will, even those that don’t believe in Him and are wicked.

The future he reveals to those who seek it, just as Daniel was trying to understand the situation. God revealed i to him for His glory, that people like you and me may know that He declares the beginning and the end. He knows everything. God is sovereign.


Comments on: "God’s Sovereignty" (2)

  1. Our Father is the greatest teacher there could ever be. Who guides me when I let Him and teaches me when I listen.
    He is the conductor of this beautiful symphony singing within my heart. He is the music, the instrument, the player, the audience.
    What a wonderful feeling it is to know that this, is what loves me more than I can love;
    looks out for me, cares for me in every way and holds my attention like nothing else can.You had me at hello.
    You’re why I wake up in the morning, why I breathe, why I live
    and there is no greater pleasure in life than serving You.

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