To honor God in my writings

Typhoon Aftermath 1/2014

IMG_6485080056836 IMG_6478765793220In the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda here in Ormoc.  Seeing the devastation that are still in the city- broken glasses, no roof houses, public terminals devastated. My complaining and grumbling attitude can only be replaced with gratitude for the basic things in life. A hotel room with light and electricity, water for bathing with heater, comfortable bed; Food with rice and small chicken meat portion. These things already seems to be luxurious living. Being thankful for the shelter, food, and clothes are primary. The flaws around just doesn’t seem to matter.

Many people’s houses were ruined specially the roof of their houses which in turn destroyed a lot of things in their houses, such as beds, appliances, furniture. The people are busy rebuilding, repainting, and going on with their lives again.

We are thankful that among my friends and customers, no one was injured and no one had to face death in the family and relatives. Business, money, furniture can again be gained and reestablished.

Despite of this situation, many of them with the help of their families and friends outside the city were able to be the first responders to the devastation around them. They immediately were able to distribute relief goods to thousands of people, providing them not only with food but also with trapal/tarpaulin for shelter.  They sacrificed their time and energy helping those around them even when their businesses lost or losing money.

My heart is blessed. What a wonderful testimony of loving sacrificially, doing good, and being a blessing to others specially to those in need. A command given to us by God so that other people will see His hand and presence in our lives.


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