To honor God in my writings

Intimacy with God

Being still with God is not achieve by making your mind blank and like yoga meditation.

Being still in God is meditation on His character, His love, His mercy, His faithfulness in the situations of your life. It is coming before Him with our brokenness, our sinfulness, and our problems, falling prostrate before Him and surrendering it to Him. Then comes the truth of His love for us, His forgiveness and acceptance of us made available through the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from sin.

As you ponder your problems before Him, thoughts go by, actions He wants you to take, His love, His peace, His joy that overflows your heart.

This is what its like to have intimacy with God and to  dwell in His presence. Then our hearts overflow with thanksgiving, praise, and peace. We know that our God is a sovereign God and He is in control. Glory and praise be His forever and ever.


Comments on: "Intimacy with God" (1)

  1. Oh my Beloved, in almost hidden ways is your beauty discerned by those who seek and with thy grace does the heart see the magnificence of your all mightiness shining through. For in my limited propensity, yours is unlimited, therefore I glorify you all the more because of it. And the more your magnificence is displayed before me, the more deeply do I bow down to you.

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